Mission Statement

As the complexity of the insurance and bonding marketplace grows, it is important to further educate our team and develop strategies that will allow us to better serve our customers. An effective agent realizes the importance of listening to the wants and needs of his customer in order to provide sound advice, knowledge, and counsel. It is imperative our agency be an integral member of the team of professionals responsible for advising the client, which would include attorneys, bankers, and accountants.

Technology is allowing us to make the processes we utilize in serving you, easier, more efficient, and more expeditious. Streamlining the Agency’s service system plays an important role in making certain our clients get the products and tools that they need to succeed, as quickly and as accurately as possible.

In business for more than 45 years, and with unparalleled experience in the construction insurance and bonding arenas, the DeSanctis Insurance Agency ensures that the customer receives the very best service, products, and information available. We understand the difficulties that face our clients in the ever-changing marketplace and promise to do more for our customers to help them thrive in today’s business climate.  We can only be successful if we first help others succeed.