A Message from the DeSanctis President

Literally growing up in the insurance industry, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness its evolution firsthand. When I consider what my father accomplished when he founded the agency in 1973, without the advantages of all the modern technology we have today, it’s truly remarkable. From the way we communicate to the streamlined efficiency of our modern processes used in both product applications and claims, we’ve come a long, long way. However, there’s one thing that even the most advanced technology cannot replace. It still takes people to provide truly personal service.

I’m extremely proud of the people we employ…individuals who share our commitment to be New England’s best contractor-oriented insurance agency.

As we head towards the future, DeSanctis Insurance Agency will maintain our position among the region’s industry leaders. Years of construction industry focus, continuous education, and long lasting relationships with construction attorneys, bank officers, and accountants enable us to provide the most current and appropriate risk management counsel to our clients. I look forward to many more years of building on the legacy of quality service and superior products established by my late father and the founder of DeSanctis Insurance, Bob DeSanctis. Enjoy your visit to our website and thank you for considering DeSanctis Insurance Agency.

Adam W. DeSanctis
President, DeSanctis Insurance Agency

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