DeSanctis Insurance Agency, Inc. COVID-19 Service Plan

To Our Valued Clients, Partners, and Colleagues:

Like all of you, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 news from various reliable sources and want to make certain that all of you know we are committed to providing the same excellent level of service as always.  We continue to keep the office open during this unprecedented time, while at the same time keeping the safety of our employees and clients our #1 priority.

As such, we have instituted the following safety measures to ensure such protection:

  1. Social Distancing in accordance with current suggested guidelines.
  2. Remote capabilities for any employees who need to stay home as result of: children whom are sick, children home from school without available childcare services, or for those employees who may be uncomfortable coming to the office or who may be feeling ill.
  3. Mandatory home quarantine for 14 days for anyone who has contracted the virus or who may have been in contact with an infected person.
  4. Current suspension of all non-essential employee offsite meetings. Should you absolutely need to see us in your office, please communicate your own COVID-19 protection plan to us prior to our arrival, to ensure our safety.
  5. Additional cleaning measures of our office space, including disinfectant of workspaces as often as possible.


Our commitment to continued services includes:

  1. Be certain that in the case of a mandatory shutdown of our physical office, we are set up remotely to handle all of your daily transactions. Any phone calls made directly to the office line, will be received as always.
  2. We do encourage the use of electronic transactions with regards to submission of your certificate requests, bonds, claims and endorsement requests. Faxes can be forwarded electronically, should we be forced to work remotely.
  3. Normal hours of operation are still in effect, and bonds, registrations, and certificates can still be picked up as in the past. We prefer to leave those pick-ups on the table at the top of the stairs, or taped to the door, in order to protect all of us from potential exposure.  We do prefer to utilize the mail and overnight delivery services, if possible.

We continue to monitor the progress of today’s challenging times and are committed to providing you the support and guidance we have always provided in this industry.


Adam W. DeSanctis