DeSanctis Insurance Agency is committed to providing the most comprehensive customer service possible, and that includes guiding everyone from potential clients to long-standing customers through the often-changing insurance process. For your convenience, we’ve gathered some useful checklists we use to prepare information. We’ll be adding more information to this area in the months ahead. Please select from the following options:

Competitive Quotations Checklist

To do the best job for you in obtaining your upcoming competitive quotations, we’ve put together a checklist of necessary information.

  • A copy of your current insurance policies, including Workers’ Comp, premium calculation page(s).
  • Five years loss runs for all lines of coverage. (General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Auto, as well as Property & Marine, if any).
  • Three years Workers’ Compensation Experience Mod. Worksheets. The Bureau requires a Letter of Authority on your letterhead to release this information. We can provide you with a sample letter with the required wording upon request.
  • Copy of your two most recent final payroll audits from your General Liability and Workers’ Compensation carriers.
  • Financial statements for the most recent year-end.
  • Proposed payroll and receipts for the coming year.
  • Current schedule of automobiles & contractors equipment from policy or by separate listing.
  • List of drivers with birth dates and license numbers.
  • Building size, type and year of construction, use/occupancy/tenants (by %), fire protection, exposed buildings within 100 ft for your office location; and for any other locations to be insured for Building or Contents.
  • A list of your current jobs, and five largest jobs in the past 5 years (name and contract amount).
  • Indicate the average number of jobs typically completed during the course of a year.
  • Copy of Subcontract Agreement used with subcontractors
  • Copy of table of contents of your Safety Program, if any.

Surety Bonding Checklist

To help you obtain a surety bond, please find a brief guide to the items your business will need. We hope you find this information helpful for preparation.

  • Financial Statements. Prepare both fiscal year-end statements (from the last three years), and current personal financial statements of each principal in the company. In addition, you should include you most recent corporate interim financial statement, reflecting the most recent fiscal quarter.
  • About Your Company. Put together information about your company, its people and its history. This includes such information as date established, management team, number of employees, and previous bonding experiences. For the management team, provide actual resumes and profiles of principal owners and other employees you wish to highlight. Also be sure to include any relevant marketing materials such as a corporate brochure.
  • Project Details. Include project information and schedule for all on-going jobs. Be sure to enclose such data as contract amounts, estimated profits and cost to complete, and total billable amount to date. Also include details on completed projects, including completion dates, contract amount, and profit information.
  • References. Supply reference details and contact information for approximately three suppliers and three project owners /managers.
  • Current Documentation. Also include the following: a current certificate of insurance, a statement of continuity/succession plan, and a current bank letter outlining your depository/credit relationship.

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